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Everest Group®: How to Drive Intelligence and Speed Across the Digital Underwriting Lifecycle

How insurers are embracing digitization in underwriting.

FEBRUARY 10, 2023

The insurance industry is on the verge of unprecedented change – change that will drastically shift the very nature of how risk profiles are created. Societal and demographic transformation are compelling the industry to reconsider its entire approach to risk. Take, for example, workers’ compensation: how do insurers assess the risk of thousands of people working from home instead of offices? Or auto insurance underwriting: how is risk assessed when people forego vehicle ownership opting for ride sharing instead? Does all risk shift to the ride-hailing companies?

The insurance industry will have to change its approaches, creating modular products that adjust coverage as customer needs shift.

Together with Everest Group®, we describe the scope of digital underwriting and explore how insurers are embracing digitization in underwriting.

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