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5 Powerful Benefits of Migrating On-Premises Resources to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

From cost-efficiency and enhanced security to future-ready solutions and streamlined performance, find out how OCI can scale up your business innovation.

NOVEMBER 06, 2023

To stay competitive in today’s business world, migration to cloud-based operations is no longer optional. But you need to choose the right cloud platform to ensure you achieve your goals and deliver consistent performance.

In this blog, let us examine Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and analyze the features that make it a strong choice for your business’s cloud infrastructure.

1. Cost and Time Savings

Some companies might believe that maintaining on-premises operations means maintenance is easier. But the truth is, since there’s no need to maintain servers, operating systems, or employ specialist IT expertise, an application that runs on Oracle Cloud actually costs you less over time. With the added benefit that costs are presented in a consolidated fashion for easy monitoring and control.

It also offers significant savings on time – by solving complex tasks with minimal resources and cost – by following the Oracle Compute Unit (OCPU) billing type rather than RAM and CPU.

Compared to on-premises infrastructure, moving to Oracle cloud infrastructure offers higher return on investment (ROI).

2. Better Security

Better security is a commonly cited reason for moving to the cloud.

Oracle Cloud has dedicated private connectivity features such as Fast Connect, and IPSec VPN. Data transfer is kept segregated from the public internet, which means that you can use it with confidence even for highly sensitive and mission-critical data. The platform allows complete control over critical workloads, with security features including data encryption for both in-transit and static data, detailed logs, third-party software support, and more.

3. Future Ready

OCI supports your long-term business objectives and strategies as it helps you to adapt to changes in market conditions in an agile manner. You can evolve your cloud deployment alongside your business, increasing or decreasing workloads and developing new apps as needed.

Cloud providers such as Oracle are always innovating, reinvesting and constantly developing their solutions, evolving their infrastructure alongside market developments, and effectively rendering them futureproof.

4. Optimal Performance

Cloud environments like Oracle deliver fast, predictable performance by incorporating automation features that streamline processes and powerful computing capabilities. High-speed and low-latency networks with advanced traffic management capabilities assure efficient and secure communication between your cloud and on-premise assets. All delivering an IT infrastructure that allows you to run at peak performance and scale efficiently.

5. Future Scalability

Cloud platforms like OCI allows businesses to scale by adding more servers or increasing compute resources without the complexity of acquiring and provisioning hardware, network resources, and deploying additional staff. Auto-scaling features reduce manual intervention, minimizing downtime during upgrades. Which means that your business can leverage on-demand virtual servers to support innovative processes, data capabilities, or applications, scaling resources as required and optimizing costs.


Sutherland is an Oracle Cloud preferred partner and has a strong track record in implementing cloud technologies, covering both lift-and-shift and migration of on-premise enterprise business systems to the cloud. Our experts can recommend the right cloud service for your business, support your applications, and accelerate your growth. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.

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