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AWS Migration Made Easy: Saving Costs and Time, while Minimizing Risks

Insights from AWS migration to make your cloud journey seamless - Explore how to ensure business continuity through phased planning while saving costs and time by tuning into our On-Demand Webinar.

Delve into key strategies for AWS migration, traversing WKC's journey, real-world challenges, and innovative solutions with industry experts. Discover the strategic phased approach and collaborative efforts that propelled WKC's successful migration, enhancing scalability and cost efficiency.

Workload migration to AWS Cloud can help optimize your operational and security environments. Yet, the path is laden with anxiety owing to business disruption risks. Meet our experts discuss the phased migration journey of our customer - World Kinect Corporation (WKC), turning challenges into stepping stones towards enhanced scalability and cost efficiency.

Get access to this On-Demand Webinar where experts dive into:

  • The phased migration strategy that alleviated risks and complexities
  • Network, Computing, and Storage solutions
  • How collaborations forged a successful AWS implementation
  • How Performance Automation empowered such a large-scale transformation
  • How organizations can overcome financial constraints and optimize their AWS migration budgets

Vishnu Pradeep PV

Director, Cloud Advisory Team

Experienced Senior Multi-Cloud Architect with a 15-year track record of driving digital transformation within the realms of infrastructure automation, Cloud Financial Operations (FinOps), DevOps, and advanced cloud migration services.

Vishnu pv

Paul Wright

Director, Database & Middle Services, World Kinect Corporation

A distinguished leader with an illustrious career in Information Technology Operations and Services, committed to propelling growth and profitability through the efficient deployment of cutting-edge technology solutions.


Vikas Kodari

Sr Director - Enterprise Applications Modernization

Experienced professional adept at empowering customers to expedite their digital transformation journey, unlocking value rapidly and at a substantial scale.

Vikas Kodari

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