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Here’s What You Missed at RSA Conference 2018

MAY 02, 2018

RSA Conference 2018 wrapped up a whirlwind week in San Francisco on Friday, April 20. The annual security event is by far the industry’s largest, hosting over 25,000 professionals from around the globe to explore the latest cutting-edge security solutions, technologies and ideas.

Tuesday’s keynotes featured an impressive lineup of security leaders, including Kirstjen M. Nielsen, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Nielsen discussed the importance of protecting democracy and preventing foreign adversaries from meddling in U.S. elections. “We have to voluntarily come together in the absence of true rules and regulations in the cyber realm to agree what is appropriate and what is not appropriate,” she stated, “Where are those red lines?”

Here’s What You Missed at RSA Conference 2018 - Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen tweet

RSA Conference 2018 - Eric Geller

RSA President Rohit Ghai celebrated cybersecurity’s silver linings and argued that, contrary to what headlines may convey, it is actually getting better, not worse. For Ghai, there is no silver bullet in cybersecurity; instead, it’s about focusing on creating a “one-percent improvement” framework with the right balance of risk and research.

RSA Conference 2018 - Zulfikar Ramzan

Sessions on Wednesday explored top headline hacks and offered likely explanations of how they worked and what made them so successful. Conference-goers had the opportunity to hear from Rami Rahim, CEO of Juniper Networks, who discussed how everyday people could work together with artificial intelligence to prevent attackers from exploiting the internet for personal or political gain.

RSA Conference 2018 - John White

RSA Conference 2018 - Ryan Louie

One of the most emotional speeches of the week was by public speaker, writer and social activist, Monica Lewinsky. In her talk “Price of Shame,” Lewinsky shared her own personal experiences to shed light on the power of public shaming and mob mentality in the digital age.

RSA Conference 2018 - Cristin Goodwin

RSA Conference 2018 - Anne Baker

In the end, RSA Conference 2018 left attendees energized and ready to take on the industry’s most pressing problems—while still hopeful enough to crack a few security-related Dad jokes along the way. We look forward to seeing the discussions that come out of next year’s event!

RSA Conference 2018 - Amanda Rousseau

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