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Bots & Artificial Intelligence: 5 Articles You Can't Miss

JUNE 22, 2017

Artificial Intelligence in the form of bots is now ubiquitous. Like computer assistants, you use them to book travel, order food. They're even in your messaging apps. Here is what the experts expect out of bots and some best practices for using them in 2017:

It begins: Bots are learning to chat in their own language (WIRED) 
Through trial and error, bots are learning how to adapt to their situation and ultimately speak to each other.

100 best bots for brands and businesses (TOPBOTS) 
From beauty to entertainment to finance, see how these brands use bots in a personalized way for their customers.

Pope Francis has a Facebook Messenger bot, and it’s kind of funny (Venture Beat) 
Feel like chatting with the Pope? He has a bot for that! Check out how His Holiness uses a Facebook Messenger bot to stay connected.

Bots that can talk will help us get more value from analytics (Harvard Business Review)
What if bots went beyond chatting and could analyze data sets to give you reports in mere seconds? This could be the future potential of artificial intelligence.

9 secrets to creating a world-class customer service bot (Venture Beat)
Designing for the customer experience can be enhanced through the use of bots. But when done poorly, it can cause equal customer dissatisfaction. Here are nine ways to drive consumer satisfaction.

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