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Read our case study on how Sutherland helped a leading game console provider reduce call volume, reduce costs, and improve CX with digital assistants.

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Industry Technology
JUNE 17, 2017

Our client was experiencing heavy call volumes, with password resets for their gaming platform representing more than 20% of calls. With nearly 80,000 calls per month, the client was interested in transforming their processes to allow gamers to get back to their games faster. Added to this was growing concern about their ability to maintain their position as a customer service leader in a highly competitive market. The need was to continually innovate their product portfolio and their support model to both delight their existing customers, and acquire new customers.


To uncover areas for support innovation, we led the client through a design thinking process including observation of customers using the products and support environment. The initial change opportunity focused on password reset, where automation could have an immediate impact on an estimated 80,000 monthly calls. Digital assistants were developed and implemented to help customers through the process, resulting in a dramatic reduction in call volume, live agent intervention, and the time to resolution. With an actual volume of 125,000 per month, these automated processes delivered significant cost savings with increased customer satisfaction, setting the stage for additional identified innovations for continual process improvement.


  • Client is fully engaged in delivering on its core business
  • Processes have been significantly transformed, yielding greater control and transparency
  • Phase 2, which encompasses robotic process automation (RPA) technology, is expected to launch in the coming months


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