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View our case study on how Sutherland helped a leading SaaS security provider reduce call volume, average handle time and more using automation.

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APRIL 18, 2017

Increasing customer expectations in today’s digital age continue to challenge a company’s technology, staffing and overall efficiencies. Frustrated customers often leave and then discuss bad experiences with their networks. However, companies can fight back. By creating a simple and quick customer experience, businesses can improve customer retention, customer satisfaction, cross-selling and up-selling.

Our client – a leading SaaS security provider – experienced a changing customer environment with multiple devices, platforms and Internet of Things (IoT). This created complexity that demanded more comprehensive support. The company also faced increasing product development and operational costs, which created pressure to reduce warranty service support.


Surveys find that 50 percent of customers want to solve product or service issues themselves, and 70 percent now expect self-service applications on a company’s website. To create a new service approach, Sutherland proposed a solution set that provided pre-emptive, self-automated and extended support, which delivered new levels of service, customer choice, and a superior and sustainable customer experience.

Leveraging the new environment allowed technicians to focus on solving more complex customer issues through remote and visual support, reducing the time to resolution and improving the support experience. Sutherland’s analytics-driven platform assisted with the end-to-end customer lifecycle revealed opportunities for demand generation, conversion, service, customer retention and growth.

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