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Combatting the Three Biggest Challenges of Big Data

MAY 10, 2017

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In today’s dynamic business ecosystem, where consumer habits, interests, and purchasing patterns evolve rapidly, executives are leveraging big data insights to try and remain competitive. But executive teams face considerable challenges in arriving at clear and actionable direction from the big data that’s gathered. Analyzing data simply isn’t enough. The value lies in extracting intelligence and taking action in real time.

Phani Nagarjuna, Sutherland's Chief Analytics Officer, has some practical tips for addressing the three biggest big data challenges. He notes that without achieving the optimal mix of technology and people to create timely, actionable information, a poorly executed big data solution will stifle overall growth and ingenuity.

Follow our three-part blog series that will address how to be smarter with your data overcome the 'big three' big data challenges.

Data Complexity: Coping with the staggering complexity of today’s big data.

Corporate Consumerization: Packaging data to make predictive and prescriptive insights easy to consume and apply.

Analytic Continuity: Adapting rapidly to business data fluctuations.

Grow Revenue. Increase Loyalty. Improve Adoption.

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