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A leading insurance broker cut costs and time to market while improving compliance by automating and streamlining its testing function with Sutherland’s CloudTestr.

Services Digital Engineering Services
Industry Insurance
DECEMBER 04, 2023

The Challenge

Inconsistent, Ad-Hoc Testing in a Complex Setup Created Vulnerability

One of the world’s largest insurance brokerage, risk management, and human capital consulting companies had operations in 49 countries. This created complexity with business processes varying across different systems, countries, and technologies.

With no unified testing strategy, the insurer was unable to ensure consistency across operations, and the lack of standard methods made it hard to handle differences. Inconsistent record keeping led to risks of non-compliance with the strict requirements set for internal and external audits.

The Outcome

Improved Compliance and User Confidence From Streamlined Testing

First, we built reliable and robust test plans and a suite of test cases that aligned with the insurance broker’s needs.

We then streamlined the client’s test process by introducing automation using the CloudTestr™ platform for System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing, which led to auto-generated, easily reusable test documentation. We further improved the testing process by automating how test data was managed, ensuring critical data was never missed.

By providing staff and auditors with direct online access to real-time test updates, dashboards and materials, we enabled our client to meet audit standards perfectly.

Applying Knowledge. Improving Service.

As a ServiceNow premiere partner, Sutherland’s global access management (GAM) team was able to draw on its expertise in working with the platform to employ service level agreement (SLA) best practices and extensive knowledge management.

Sutherland helped improve IT internal communications through regular calibration and impact assessment leading to a drop in ticket reassignment errors while speeding ticket resolutions. The team also reorganized ticket distribution and the queue management process to boost IT SLA.

The GAM team’s ability to work with the company’s IT staff to deliver higher levels of enterprise IT support helped the company optimize its ServiceNow platform and achieve better SLA while boosting customer service satisfaction among its employees. This proactive approach led to sustained results making Sutherland the company’s preferred IT GAM vendor.

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