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The Guardian of Customer Experience: Highlights from Our Content Cafe

Content Cafe Recap

JULY 05, 2020

We recently hosted an enlightening discussion between our own Donna Tuths, Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer, and Melissa O’Brien, Vice President of Customer Engagement, Retail and Travel Strategies at HFS Research, as part of our first Sutherland Content Café about the evolving role of content moderation. Melissa leads HFS’ customer experience (CX)-focused initiatives, exploring the trends and change agents that drive CX across the enterprise.

Brands face a daunting challenge in managing content across channels. It’s no secret that the volume and complexity of online content — particularly user-generated content — have exploded in recent years across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Compound this with the rise in “fake news,” misinformation and harmful content, and the need to effectively moderate content for both public and private good is clear.

Content moderation is one of those change agents that has become foundational to brand strategy.

“Content moderation is an important part of digital CX, and it’s crucial to a company’s brand.” - Melissa O'Brien

The benefits are profound for companies to protect their content realm — from resonating with the right audiences, to avoiding regulatory issues and improving brand perception.

Watch the video of the conversation below to learn about:

  • Pillars of a strong content moderation strategy, including trust and safety, talent development, AI capabilities, agility and more.

  • Steps to build effective brand “guardians” with proper recruitment, training and tools.

  • The right balance of human and machine to deliver effective moderation at scale while protecting human moderators, and more.

As content-related challenges continue to proliferate, brands can no longer afford to overlook the role of moderation in underpinning employee and customer experiences.

Missed out this time and want in on the discussion? We’ll host more online events to dive deeper into cutting-edge tools and strategies — starting with an upcoming session on “What Role Do Machines Play?” Follow us online and across our channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) for updates and more insights.

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