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Mitigating Misinformation: Insights from Our Second Content Cafe

OCTOBER 08, 2020

Misinformation is rampant. 

This is especially true in light of the pandemic2020 Presidential Election, and resulting increase of false stories on social media. As inaccurate news spreads, companies and users alike are scratching their heads on how to grapple with the influx of false information.

In the second part of our Content Café series, we explored the nature of misinformation across the digital landscape. This time, our own Donna Tuths was joined by Sara Jerde, Publishing Editor, Adweek, as the two unpacked every facet of misinformation and the impact on the modern-day digital experience.

From the motivations behind misinformation to the use of AI to combat fake news, this webinar explores the challenges that come with social media today and how companies can use content moderation to ensure users aren’t misinformed. 


“Social media channels are individual ecosystems and are designed by the users who are playing in them.” - Sara Jerde

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • Underlying political, social, and economic motivations behind misinformation

  • Impact of the spread of fake news

  • Challenges in spotting fake news and misinformation

  • Current approaches to combat misinformation

As misinformation continues to impact the digital landscape, brands cannot afford to overlook the role moderation plays in creating safe online communities. It’s time to adopt a strategic approach to content moderation.

Missed out this time and want in on the discussion? You can gain access to a recording of the entire event here. And stay tuned for the next Content Café online event, as we continue to explore the ins and outs of modern-day content. 

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