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Sutherland designs a solution integrated with the reinsurance company Arch Re Facultative’s underwriting process to stabilize staffing and expand operations.

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JANUARY 06, 2017

The Problem

Arch Re Facultative needed to expand its back-office operations to keep pace with ongoing growth, manage cyclical staffing needs, and expand language services to diverse geographies. Upon engagement, Sutherland launched a thorough analysis and discovery process, working closely with the client’s team to identify key drivers to expand its back-office processing. While Arch Re Facultative had partnered with technology providers to support its platform and system needs in the past, the inherently cyclical nature of facultative reinsurance continued to present a staffing imbalance.

While the company relied on temporary staff to handle its peak work volume, the process of hiring and training temps was time- consuming, and required permanent staff to continuously provide training. What at first glance appeared to be a productivity issue was really growing pains. The seasonal cyclicality made it difficult to discern the fundamental growth in the business – which was, in fact, compounding the company’s staffing and training challenges.


The Sutherland Transformation

In collaboration with the Arch Re Facultative team, Sutherland designed a solution closely integrated with Arch Re Facultative’s underwriting process. Sutherland’s global insurance operations were selected because of their state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly-skilled talent pool. The client was also pleased with Sutherland’s ability to attract and retain motivated individuals who grow their careers with the company. This readily available workforce, combined with an aggressive implementation timeline, propelled the swift implementation of service operations.


The Results

With the support of Sutherland’s team, Arch Re Facultative stabilized its staffing and expanded its current operations in an aggressive timeframe. Measurable results and improvements were evident almost immediately:


Scalable operation that expands as the company grows.

Consistent and stable staffing minimized the need for temporary hires during seasonal peaks.

Multi-lingual services enable the company to keep pace with global growth and geographically diverse markets.

Regularly exceed 98% quality goal each month.

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